How To Start: An Ebay Store - A Beginners Guide

By Jason Griffith

Thinking about starting an eBay store? It's an exciting venture! Your own online business! But, there are three very important things you need to know when you want to start your own eBay store. These are:

1. You need to know your market.

2. You need to know your products.

3. You need to know your own financial limits.

Why you need to know your market

These are the people that are going to put money into your pocket. It's a kind of, "duh," statement, but you will be surprised at how many people simply focus on, "I want to sell these widgets and make lots of money."

When you know what types of people are going to want to buy your products, then you can write your auction listings in the language ("lingo") they talk and design your eBay store's look and feel to appeal to them.

You can then also start your eBay store right and target these people in your marketing campaigns. It's little use to hand out flyers about a new sizzling snowboard at a retirement village. Yet, that is synonymous with what many people do with their eBay store marketing.

Why you need to know your products very well

You must be able to describe your products very well and extremely accurately. The more information you give your buyer, the more satisfied your buyer will be with the purchase.

You also need to know which products go together. This is important when you want to cross-promote or upsell your products. What I mean by that is, when someone buys a particular item, you need to show the person similar items that go with that product during the checkout process.

This entices the buyer to spend more money with your eBay store, and that is a good thing, right?

Why you need to know your own financial limits

Unless you have lots of money and want to start an eBay store just for the fun of it, you probably want to turn a profit.

Spend money only on things that will either make you money or help with the marketing and promotion of your eBay store.

Do not overspend, never use your grocery money, and do not run up a huge credit card debt. Spend within your own reasonable limits.

Starting an eBay store requires that you know your market, know your product, and do not spend yourself out of business.

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